In Vitro Tests

We offer a broad range of in vitro studies, backed by many years of experience, state-of-the-art instruments including modern cell culture equipment. Not only human skin cell cultures (e.g. fibroblasts, melanocytes, keratinocytes) and organotypic skin models (e.g. by SkinEthic, MatTek) but also skin samples obtained from punch biopsies or the suction blister method can be subjected to a broad range of in vitro analyses:

  • Cytotoxicity testing (NR test, MTT test, WST1 test)
  • Phototoxicity testing (NR test, MTT test, WST1 test)
  • Cellular toxicity and apoptosis
  • Cell proliferation and differentiation (number of proliferating cells within the epidermis, immunohistological staining of the cell nuclei of proliferating cells with antibody Ki67)
    Ki 67 staining
  • Cell metabolism (e.g. ATP content)
  • Irritation testing (Skin Ethic HCE Human Corneal Epithelial Model)
  • Gene expression
  • ELISA (e.g. collagen, fibrillin, hyaluronic acid, 8-isoprostane, carbonyl proteins, metallo-proteinases, cytokines)
  • Protein synthesis
  • Anti-oxidant testing (8-isoprostane as a marker for lipid peroxidation, carbonyl proteins as marker for protein oxidation)
  • Immunohistological analyses of UV-induced DNA-damage in vitro (thymine dimers, 8-oxo-guanine)
  • Repair kinetics of UV-light induced DNA-damage (host-cell-reactivation assay)
  • Histological and immunohistological analyses
  • Pigmentation and whitening (effect on melanogenesis)
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (e.g. secretion of inflammatory cytokines)
  • Sun protection
  • Differential gene expression via Real Time Quantitative PCR

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