Standard Biophysics

Here you will find a list of standard test parameters and instrumentation that may be of interest for your individual claim support:

  • Skin moisture (Corneometer®, SkiCon®, DermaLab®)
  • Skin roughness (silicon imprints, Primos® in vivo)
  • Skin scaliness (D-Squames®, analysis with SquameScan® or visual expert grading)
  • Skin elasticity (Cutometer®, Torquemeter®, Ballistometer®)
  • Reduction of eye wrinkles and fine lines (Primos-CR® by Canfield)
  • Structure of the dermis (Ultrasound with DermaScan® C, Primos® in vivo)
  • Skin whitening, effects on melanogenesis (Siascope®, Mexameter®, Spectrophotometer®)

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