Additional Special Parameters

We offer a broad range of additional parameters – from sniff tests to diaper studies:

  • Subjective evaluation of product performance
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (UV erythema model)
  • Axillary studies (shaving, visual assessment)
  • Deodorant effects (sniff test)
  • Peeling (exfoliating) effect
  • Shaving / depilation / epilation procedures
  • Diaper studies (newborns and babies)
  • Oral food supplement studies (e.g. cellulite by ultrasound measurements and Primos® in vivo)
  • Rinse-off studies (short- and long-term kinetics)
  • Leave-on studies with kinetics and regression phases
  • Regenerative effect / cell renewal (DHA method)
  • Natural moisturizing factor (e.g. urea analysis)
  • Biochemical / molecular biological analysis

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