Clinical Studies: Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics

Besides a broad range of efficacy studies, we perform clinical trials, cosmetic studies or in-use tests with dermatological or ophthalmological emphasis on subjects with skin, hair or nail problems such as:

  • atopic skin, neurodermatitis
  • impure skin, acne vulgaris
  • psoriasis
  • inflammatory dermatoses
  • nail dermatoses
  • diabetics


  • Visual expert grading at hands and feet (chapped hands, cracked heels) and fingernails (leukonychia, brittleness)
  • Wound healing (e.g. medical devices)
  • Anti-inflammatory efficacy (UV-induced erythema)
  • Integrity of the skin immune system (UV-induced immunosuppression)
  • Vasoconstriction test / blanching (glucocorticoids)


  • In-use applications (tolerance and efficacy assessments, slit lamp examination of the eyes by an ophthalmologist)


  • Clinical studies on minor subjects to test skin tolerance of cosmetic products for use on children and babies: In-use applications (visual tolerance and efficacy assessments)

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