Dermatologikum Hamburg

SIT is functionally and geographically associated to the DERMATOLOGIKUM Hamburg, a private dermatological clinic, which supports SIT with its dermatological knowhow and a network of specialists in medical and natural science.

Dt. Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche und Angewandte Kosmetik e. V.

In addition to promoting scientific research and education, the DGK (German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics) supports technical development in the field of cosmetics.
The scientific objectives of the DGK are implemented by technical working groups, the organization of training events as well as advice in the scientific technical field. The DGK is exclusively scientifically orientated, which allows it to deal with topics relevant to cosmetics neutrally and independently of economic considerations.
SIT has been a member of the DGK for many years and has representatives in important technical groups. Over the years, SIT has successfully contributed to the DGK’s scientific research and the establishment of appropriate methods for the evaluation of raw materials and cosmetic products with regard to their efficacy and tolerance.

GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie e. V.

The GD (Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie e.V.) promotes scientific research in the fields of dermopharmacy, dermatopharmacology, dermatology and cosmetology.
The intent of the scientific publication and propagation of recent academic findings in dermopharmacy, dermatopharmacology, dermatology and cosmetology is to educate the general public in recent developments in these areas.
The society promotes the exchange of information between pharmacists, medical doctors and scientists working in the field of scientific and applied dermopharmacy and facilitates collaboration among both German and foreign societies with related objectives.
The use of specific study results from applied dermopharmacy, especially from the aspect of dermatological formulation, should be promoted for the treatment of skin disorders and for cosmetic activities supporting healthy maintenance of the skin.
SIT has been a member of the GD for many years and has a representative serving in an important technical group which is responsible for the definition of guidelines covering diverse aspects of dermocosmetics.