Facilities and Equipment


With about 1000 square meters, you will find our spacious facilities optimized for the performance of dermatological studies and clinical trials.

Our eight laboratories and comfortable waiting areas are climate rooms under continuous temperature and humidity control, which ensures testing under standardized conditions and provides reliable test results. In addition, you will find functional laboratories for special in vivo studies and for in vitro tolerance, toxicity and efficacy tests.


Diverse state-of-the-art bioengineering and cell culture instruments and equipment provide the platform for an efficient and objective data evaluation for your safety assessment and your product claim substantiation.

  • Aquaflux® (TEWL, TOWL, skin barrier integrity)
  • Ballistometer® (skin elasticity)
  • Corneometer® (skin moisture)
  • Cutometer® (skin elasticity)
  • DermaLab® (TEWL, TOWL, skin barrier integrity)
  • DermaScan® C (ultrasound measurement, e.g. dermis density and thickness)
  • FotoFinder® System (photo documentation)
  • Glossymeter® (skin surface shine)
  • HELIAS IL System (Hemispherical Light Absorption Spectrometer with Illumination Unit) with Atlas SUNTESTtm CPS+ System
  • Mexameter® (erythema, melanin)
  • Microscope Olympus® CK40
  • Primos® (analysis of skin roughness via silicon imprints or in vivo, eye wrinkles measurement)
  • Sebumeter® (sebum production)
  • Siascope® (skin whitening, effects on melanogenesis)
  • SkiCon® (skin moisture)
  • Skin-pH-Meter®
  • Slit lamp (ophthalmological examination)
  • Solar simulator SOL 500 (UV radiation source)
  • Solar simulator SU6p (UV radiation source)
  • Solar simulator Multiport (UV radiation source, e.g. SPF testing)
  • Spectrophotometer® (skin colour measurements, redness)
  • SquameScan® (skin scaliness via analysis of D-Squames®)
  • Suction blister device with vacuum pump (biopsies)
  • Torquemeter® (skin elasticity)
  • TrichoScan® (hair density, hair growth)
  • VISIA-CR® (photo documentation)
  • Whirlpool for determination of water resistance
  • etc.

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